Mujeres de Maiz Call for Submissions

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We use prayer ties to set intentions, send positivity and gratitude, and prepare for the ceremony. As a sacred medicine, tobacco is used in prayer ties – or tobacco ties – as part of ceremonial practices by many nations. This year’s theme of Prayer Ties represents ties we make to one another and to our paths of healing and self-love. As womxn of the earth connected to our spiritual powers, we set prayer ties: through affirmations for self-respect and health, through healing friendships we foster, through mandos we make to ánimas and santos, through our dedication to family, and through the multiplicity of borders we cross and inhabit.

This year, Mujeres de Maíz asks artistas to submit verbal and visual exhibitions of this space of prayer, healing, ties, and self-love. What types of prayer ties do you practice? How do you tie prayer and intentions across friendships and families? Which parts of community or self are illuminated with these practices? In what ways do connections to the spiritual and to borders pave the way towards self-love and healing?

We welcome poetry, prose, short stories, and visual art. All visual entries must be your original work. All mediums are accepted.

Over the years, our Zine publications have evolved into beautiful 60-page art publication with over 20 poems and over 15 full-color-pages of original works. We showcase over 40 visual artists and poets in every issue, with generations of creative women from throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

Due Date

Submissions for Exhibition and Zine are due Friday, February 8, 2019
Please note Zine submissions will be accepted till March 2019.


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