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Canvas Coffee

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Canvas Coffee

Good food, great coffee

Canvas Coffee recently began serving up coffee and breakfast at the established nightlife spot Canvas Artistry in the heart of Nob Hill.

The SWC Team stopped by to review the location to see if it was a destination to utilize as an alternate workspace.

This is our finding…




Atmosphere: When you walk into Canvas Coffee, the atmosphere is inviting. There are artwork and murals on the wall which provide a comfortable environment. You’ll feel welcomed wearing both your business casual clothes or your streetwear.

The soundtrack playing in the background was diverse and ideal to keep the workflow going. Notable tracks from Portishead, Sade, and some 90’s R&B classics were heard.

It’s not too loud at Canvas Coffee. Despite the customers who came in, the volume never got too loud. A definite perk as most locations get busy and it’s difficult to focus on work due to the commotion.



Service: The staff is super attentive. Before a refill was needed, a server was there before we had to request.  The food was served hot and in a timely manner. During our visit, we even scored a complimentary drink!



Food: If you are not in a rush, Canvas Coffee provides a full menu to choose from. Food is made to order, so you don’t have to microwave a premade meal.

There is everything from a cup of joe to an El Chapo which is served in a glass topped with whipped cream. We were able to order a drink with hemp milk, so if your dietary needs are specific, they’ve got you covered.



Coffee: Rest assured, the coffee is good. Not bitter or weak. Just right.



Seating: There is sufficient seating to work on a project comfortably. No need to fight for space with a limited area for your laptop.



Lighting: There are large windows that allow the morning light to illuminate the space. Since Canvas Coffee is north facing you won’t have to worry about direct sunlight.

If you need less light, the back of the building has soft light to suit your mood.

Overall: We give Canvas Coffee a 9/10! It’s an ideal spot to work.

When you’re there, introduce yourself to Jesus, he’s the co-owner of Canvas Artistry.

Side Note: We didn’t see many outlets to plug into. So come with a charged battery. 😉

Canvas Artistry – 3120 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

Author: SWC Team

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