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Building a stronger creative community in Albuquerque and beyond

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About Southwest Creative

Bridging the gap

We make it easier for businesses to find the perfect creative and for creatives to find opportunity.




Why Choose Southwest Creative?

Inclusive and equitable first

We believe that we can build a more ethical creative + business culture by ensuring that opportunity is spread equally and advocating for artists to be paid fairly.

No Starving Artists

Southwest Creative aims to ensure opportunities are accessible to creatives.

Change the Stereotype

Artists often aren’t taken seriously for not holding a “real job”, SWC aims to turn that mentality on its head.

Creating Pathways

Southwest Creative believes that the only way to build a stronger creative community is to continually build bridges.

Educating + Advocating

When a creative project arises, SWC seeks to eliminate the guesswork to ensure a smooth start and successful finish.

How we work

What do you need help with?

We have a simple mission: build a stronger creative community.

Through that mission, we aim to 1.) offer solutions to your creative problems, 2.) build a directory of creatives, 3.) offer advice to ensure a successful partnership between businesses and creatives, and 4.) advocate for a fair wage for services provided by creatives.

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We are talented creatives with experience

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What they said

We’re a fairly new startup, we are working on receiving solid testimonials.

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